Being a landlord and letting property has never been easier for both new and experienced landlords


Why landlords choose Hudsons

Hudson Property has established a reputation for its sound letting service, resulting in many of our landlords coming to us through recommendation. Our key strengths are considered to be the speed at which we usually find tenants, our highly rigorous tenant vetting process, and our unrivalled photographic inventories.

Hudson Property is now a highly recognisable brand that is perceived by tenants as safe and reliable. Sometimes tenants will wait for us to have the right property for them so that they can rent through us, simply because of the way we treat them, and in return we are usually rewarded with rental properties that are respected and well looked after.

Landlord Care

Letting and Management Services

We have found that every landlord wants different things from us, so we created three different letting services, and three different management services, and even these are sometimes further tailored to suit each landlord’s needs. So we can cater for the most experienced, hands-on landlords all the way through to landlords who don’t want to be involved at all, such as our landlords who live abroad.

Our three letting (or ‘pre-occupation’) services are: 

* Tenant Finder

* Tenant Installation Gold

* Tenant Installation Platinum

Our three management (or ‘post-occupation’) services are:

* Rent Collection

* Tenancy Management

* Complete Management

For full details of our letting and management services, please call us on 01482 645100.


Landlord Coaching 

Many landlords want to minimise their agency costs and have the time to manage themselves but simply aren’t confident about how to do it. In these situations, we often provide them with a letting service and then simply teach them, with no charge, how to manage properties effectively, in areas such as: 

* Deposit handling and registration on a government-approved scheme

* Utility and meter management

* Gas, electrical and fire safety

* Rent collection

* Periodic property inspections

* Handling property repairs (trusted tradesmen recommendations available)

* Tenancy extensions and rent reviews

* Final property inspections

* Deposit distribution and deductions

* Deposit disputes and evidence submissions

If these landlords have any problems, we’re only a phone call away. And if they later decide that property management is not for them, we are of course happy to take it over for them.

"Here at Hudsons we prefer to limit the number of rental properties that we deal with, to ensure that the service we provide is second to none and that landlords can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to protect their investments. One of the ways in which we do this is to provide a highly detailed photographic inventory, in such a way that provides a watertight evidence base for the condition of each property. This also serves to warn tenants from the outset how serious we are about protecting our properties, which leads to us having very few property damage issues. Let with confidence. Let with Hudsons."

-Julia Baughan ~ Property Consultant

Landlord Advice Character

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